By participating in No Place for Hate®, your school will join with a larger initiative taking place across the nation to reduce bullying, name calling and other expressions of bias, while creating safer learning environments that promote inclusion, appreciation of diversity and respect for others.


How to Become a No Place for Hate® School:
Step-by-Step instructions for schools to be designated a No Place for Hate® School:

  • START by contacting the ADL Arizona Regional Office to receive the School Intent Form or download the form at the bottom of the page. Complete the form and return it to the ADL Regional Office. Once ADL receives and approves your application, a representative from ADL will contact you to set up an informational meeting and provide you with promotional materials.
  • ESTABLISH a No Place for Hate® “committee” or “club” that will plan, coordinate and oversee the initiative’s implementation. The team should be comprised of representatives from students, parents, faculty members, administration and/or community members. Identify an administrative or faculty person to serve as point of contact with ADL.
  • ISSUE and have students sign the Resolution of Respect (for middle and high schools) or No Place for Hate® Promise (for elementary schools) affirming a commitment to respect diversity.
  • COMPLETE three *activities (minimum) during a school year that celebrate diversity and/or address bias, bullying and name calling. • SUBMIT a completed Activity Form at the conclusion of each activity.
  • RECEIVE a customized No Place for Hate® banner from ADL and count your school as a leader in teaching and modeling respect for individual and group differences while challenging prejudice and discrimination.

Registration and forms for making your school No Place for Hate® are at

Have questions about No Place for Hate®? Contact us at (602) 274-0991.