The Arizona Region of the Anti-Defamation League today harshly condemned Arizona State Representative Brenda Barton for  referring to President Obama as “Der Fuhrer.”  In a follow-up interview with the Arizona Capitol Times, Barton went on to say that “…America under Obama is looking a lot like the early days of Germany under Hitler.”

Arizona Regional Director Bill Straus and Regional Board Chair Miriam Weisman issued the following statement:

“No matter how strong one’s objections to anything or anyone, invoking the Holocaust and the man who orchestrated it is offensive and has no place in civil discourse. While Holocaust analogies generate headlines and get attention, they do little in the service of truth, history or memory.  The Holocaust was a singular historical event that’s impact should never be trivialized by irrational comparisons.  Rep. Barton’s comments are profoundly  insensitive to both those who lived through the Holocaust and the memories of those who did not.”

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